Jacques Cosmetics Ltd., an International Group, was founded in 2009 by Jacky Sit.
Over the years, Jacques Cosmetics has always focused on its corporate mission – to explore high-quality products globally and benefit youth and beauty in women.

Corporate Culture

  • Brand Positioning

    Brand Positioning

    A biotechnology specialized skincare brand.

  • Corporate Mission

    Corporate Mission

    To explore high-quality products globally and benefit youth and beauty in women.

  • Corporate Vision

    Corporate Vision

    To become the market leader in the cosmetics industry in the Asia Pacific.

Company Territories

The Headquarters and Research Center are both located in Switzerland. In 2009, Jacques Cosmetics Technology Ltd. was established in Hong Kong to introduce LaEstephe into China. Subsequently, the Guangzhou and Malaysia branch offices were established.

Company Territories

Group Strength

Group Strength

Situated in Switzerland, the Research Center has gathered numerous highly qualified experts. Its scientific research capability and professional and technical level are currently in a leading position in the world. Over the years, in collaboration with many global medical research institutes, Jacques has delved into research in snow-covered glaciers and mysterious deep seas, extracting many rare skincare ingredients in the natural environment and constantly creating breakthrough products to lead the market trend.

  • World’s Leading Technology

    World’s Leading Technology

    We customize new formulas to solve skin-aging problems in women of all ages by relying on Switzerland’s solid scientific research capability.

  • 30 Years of GMP Certification

    30 Years of GMP Certification

    One of the best GMP-certified factories globally with world-class scientific research capability and shared core skincare technology with many top global skincare brands, we continue to provide high-quality natural raw materials and innovative skincare formulas for the brands owned by Jacques Cosmetics.

  • Natural Pure Ingredients

    Natural Pure Ingredients

    Using pure and pollution-free Alpine glacier water with strong permeability; the essence is derived from the repair energy of bioactive compounds in the deep seas, coordinating with various living cell extracts and plant components. enabling the skin to self-hydrate and repair microdamage.

  • Imported from Switzerland

    Imported from Switzerland

    Brands owned by Jacques are imported from Switzerland. Jacques Cosmetics is a specialized biotechnology skincare brand with a leading position in the area of face masks and skincare products.